Count down to Spring 2013 Bikram Teacher Training!

It is only 27 days until Bikram Teacher Training starts!  I have read a few teachers’ blogs written during their training which speak of long days (sometimes until 3am!), the studio temperature starting at 47 degrees and the normally 90 minute class taking more than 2 even 3 hours!

During the 9 week training held in LA, everyone must complete all 99 Bikram classes, pass anatomy exams, learn all 26 postures word for word and teach Half Moon Pose in front of Bikram and the 400+ other students!  

. . . and I can’t wait! 

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Class update #1


It has been 27 days since I started my annual Bikram pass! I have completed 17 classes, which I am pretty sure is more classes than I attended in my first year of Bikram! During that time I have had some wonderful moments including: *touching my head to my knee for the 1st time, in standing head to knee posture *my deepest back bend in pranayama breathing *lifting up higher than before in full locust pose * placing my hand on my thigh in spine twisting pose & *a few moments of complete mind control!

I am very excited about the days to follow xx


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The Bikram journey!

After the opening class of tranquil point studio (well done ben!) on Sunday, I chatted with some friend yogis & we got on to the topic of our bikram journey & our first ever class!

One friend started by signing up to a 60 day challenge! Subsequently he had a 4 year break before returning to the studio & is now a qualified teacher.

Another was looking for a way to renew a broken body from years of sport & is also now a teacher & has his own studio.

My sweet friend Annabelle decided to try Bikram as it fitted her challenge parametres of which she applies throughout her life – mediocrity is not an option for this girl!

I recall walking by the bikram studio & my fitness curiosity drawing me in to my first class. Lets say, I wasn’t exactly signing up for any long term contracts after my first class! It was a sporadic year later when I committed to a 30 day challenge with the goal of achieving some mental relief from a very busy work period & in the hope of making bikram a regular feature in my life – and that’s exactly what happened!

Whatever way we found bikram, the one thing we all have in common is we have all ended up at the same amazing destination & a desire to share our passion & knowledge with others.

If you are thinking of going to your first bikram class, be assured knowing that we all started the bikram journey with one class. It is then up to you how you continue your bikram journey.

“it’s never too late, it’s never too bad & you are never to old or too sick to start from scratch once again” Bishnu Ghosh (Bikram’s guru)

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The Bikram Picture

Why do you think it is so easy to loose sight of the bigger picture? Is it because of the generally lengthy time frame most goals require to achieve? Is it the amazing array of choices that pulls us in all sorts of directions that distracts us?

Remaining focused requires a lot of determination – finding a way that works specifically for you is the key. Whether it is a daily reminder that pops up on your phone, or a post it note next to your bathroom mirror. I think the frequency of the reminder is the key.

I have just purchased an annual pass at Bikram Newtown studio and have set myself a goal of a certain # of classes for the year!

I am a “list” person and like to have something in front of me as a reminder therefore I have designed a daily 12 month calendar which I have stuck to our living wall and each time I attend a class I stick up a little “namaste” sticker on the day!
Whatever your goal in life, it seems to be the 1% efforts we make that really make the difference longer term.

Never forget that your mind is only as strong as you make it. Without control of your mind you can do nothing, it is our biggest challenge. It can be your worst enemy as it constantly feeds on your fears and negative habitats.

By regularly practicing Bikram I am developing self control, determination, concentration and patience, which all help in breaking down all the powerful distractions.

Also help your mind by making healthy eating choices as well. Everything in moderation, no silly diets, will help to get balance in your life, but that’s a whole another blog!

“Consider the big picture, see the good, forget the bad” Bikram Choudhury


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let’s start are the very beginning

  • Yoga is around 5,000 years old & means “union – a joining or a marriage” of mind & body
  • All yoga comes from Hatha Yoga and if it doesn’t, it is not yoga!
  • Hatha Yoga – Ha “sun” & Tha “moon” – equaling balance
  • There are 84 Hatha yoga postures
  • Bikram yoga is a sequence of 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures, taken from the original 84 Hatha postures.
  • The practice of yoga is to improve concentration – calm body, calm mind – in order to live each day out to our full potential.
  • What Yoga isn’t: a diet, deprivation or a religion.
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